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SMSF Property Investment

Let us help you turn property into a vehicle for wealth.

Are you considering setting up a self managed super fund to purchase property?

Getting your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) setup right from day one means:

  • You'll be able to enjoy the freedom to explore when you get older without financial stress.
  • Capitalise on opportunities as they are presented to you in the way of further investment opportunities.
  • Spend more time doing less work, and more relaxing.
  • Benefit from the knowledge that your future financial freedom is well taken care of.

Using superannuation or a SMSF to buy property can be very complex and time consuming for novices.

Setting up a SMSF and buying property through it on finance is difficult even for highly experienced trustees to get their heads around, so don't take the risk: seek expert advise from the team at Enhanced. SMSF property loans get even more complicated when trying to determine what's best for your individual circumstances. You could go to a bank, and they'll have a policy, but they won't have the structure. It's about understanding how the lender fits your position, and that's where we come in.

Buying property with superannuation starts with a good SMSF investment strategy. This plan is one that works towards building your wealth and securing your financial freedom. As the housing market generally runs in economic cycles and different areas may have their own individual property cycle, the first step we help clients with is understanding these trends relative to the core factors involved in property investment in Melbourne.

These core elements of property markets include:

  • The likely return - yield and capital growth
  • Buying and selling costs
  • Cost to borrow money, ie interest rates
  • How attractive the property will be for likely tenants or future buyers
  • Residential, commercial & industrial
  • Positive or negatively geared
  • Renovation or development

Your friends and the experts are right when they say "do your homework" when it comes to buying a property using super.

This is where we bring you peace of mind, because we specialise in wealth creation using SMSF.

An accurate and detailed budget that takes account of all expenses associated with purchasing a property, including stamp duty, council rates, and more, is just the beginning. From where to buy, how much to pay, the rental return, how much capital growth you need, and when (or if) to sell, we tie everything into our clients' goals with a view to creating wealth. What about positively or negatively geared property investments when using super to buy investment property?

Even with an uncertain economy rental yields are still expected to continue to increase in most capital cities. Like all good investments, you first need to consider the property to be purchased:

  • Location: is it close to schools, shops, day care and sporting facilities?
  • Transport: is it close to bus stops and train stations?
  • Demographics: what population numbers, especially growth and density? 
  • Suitability to rent: are the rooms big enough, are there usable living spaces inside and outside, and other features such as garaging and storage?
  • Future potential: can the property be renovated or developed? Are there any plans to develop surrounding properties, eg high density dwellings?
  • Affordability: are you staying within the second and third quartile of prices in the suburb for price and rent?

Investing super into property is a big commitment, and it's one you need to be comfortable with not only in the future, but also in the present.

Key to this process is listening to you and asking the right questions to get a full picture of your current financial position. This includes your current debt, assets, income, tax position, and more. A thorough understanding of your position allows us to find the solution that perfectly suits the purpose of your desired outcomes.

Beyond being free to give unbiased, honest advice, our independence means we're not limited to a single source when evaluating using your super to invest in property, either. We evaluate hundreds of loan products from over 35 institutions for any given client to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible.


The Enhanced Process

While consultations are tailored to each individual's needs, this is the general structure for most.

Step 1: Understanding your needs

Step 2: Determine capacity and affordability

Step 3: Review suitable options

Step 4: Finalising purchase

Step 5: Ongoing support and management to ensure you achieve what you set out to


With over 30 years of combined experience in finance and property, and eight out of ten clients referring us to people they know, your needs are in the best of hands.​

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Enhanced - Key Directors

Enhanced - Key Directors

After over 20 years of banking and finance experience, I’m happy to say that the reason I entered the industry hasn’t changed. Financial services give people the ability to achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, the downside of this is that without training or solid advice, many won’t. So why did I get into it all? To lessen the gap between those that have and those that want.

My speciality lies in solutions. This sounds a bit general, but what it comes down to in the world of finance is being able to get a clear picture of someone’s situation now, and then charting the best possible course to get them where they want to be. It isn’t just about numbers, either. That course has to be something that fits the individual because there are always emotional attachments to the decisions made.

Getting that fit right is where I get a high degree of job satisfaction. I call it ‘the comfort factor’. People need to be financially comfortable not only in the future when it’s time to retire, but now in the present with the decisions they make to get there. The key to achieving this is simple: honesty and empathy in the advice I give to guide them.

Outside of finance, I have a daughter & our second child on his way with my gorgeous wife, and we’re enjoying being a family.

Enhanced - Key Directors
Malcolm Williams

In over 30 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant I have seen business from the top down to the bottom up and everything in between, and I’ve learnt that there are a minefield of problems that a person can experience both in their business, and personal life, in setting out to achieve their goals and to secure their financial wellness.

What I have also learnt is that no one person has the knowledge and experience to solve these all of these problems. The solution was to develop a team that has. That is what we have done and would suggest that you as a business owner do the same.

Employees are exactly in the same positions, financial stress being of a major concern. So how could we help and create a life changing outcome?

The answer alongside with our partners was to develop a financial wellness program. The program focuses on delivering financial education, money management and spending planning, finance, wealth management and personal wellness.

Outside of the business, I have a beautiful wife and daughter. I enjoy golf, fishing, and spending as much time with my two lovely ladies as possible.


We make securing your financial future easy and enjoyable!

  • Enhanced work tirelessly to ensure that the clients interest are always looked after and are always the first to put their hand up to help with any situation.

    Chris Borg

    Enhanced Client & Business Relationship since 2014

  • It is a great feeling to know that we are finally on our way to securing a better future for ourselves. We very much look forward to dealing with the team at Enhance Finance again in furthering our investment portfolio in the future. We cannot thank them enough.

    Darryl & Sharon Clark

    Enhanced Client since 2011

  • The team at Enhanced Finance took our ongoing questions in their stride, surprising us with their knowledge and expertise. With flawless precision they made us feel comfortable making large financial decisions and we’re thankful we’ve found a business we can trust with our future.

    Wayne Smith & Eden Summers

    Enhanced Clients since 2012

  • We have appreciated the professional, but very personal approach, which Enhanced have provided us. Mark listen to us, what we want for our financial future, and with their high standards and efficiency they have provided us with investment opportunities and a positive outlook for our long term future.
    We highly recommend their business.

    Rick & Wendy Martin

    Enhanced Clients since 2011

  • I cannot begin to thank the team at Enhanced Finance enough, as a self employed business owner the big banks wouldn't touch us. Enhanced managed to not only secure the loans for our investment property, but refinance our existing home loan to a lower interest and monthly repayment rate which help us off set the investment loan making the overall loan repayment after rental much more affordable.

    Tim & Sharron Stannage

    Enhanced Clients since 2016

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