4 Steps to collaboration and accountability in your business

Building collaboration into your business will prove the difference between thriving and striving. So often team members are set against each other in competition and it creates a fierce community of employees trying to outdo each other. Others that feel they can’t compete live in fear of not matching up and therefore losing their jobs. What is created is a workforce driven by emotions rather than working in a rational way and when emotions become the workplace atmosphere the level of mistakes increase, as functioning on emotions mitigates our ability to think rationally.

Building collaboration opportunities into your business allows teams to combine their intellect to discover the best solutions and giving accountability to all continues to develop skill sets through practical experience, and these strategies will work from day 1 of setting up your business from sole entrepreneur through the many stages of growth both personal and professional. Working with other sole entrepreneurs whose business and service complements yours will allow you to increase your client offering through these trusted strategic alliances, and to deliver a high level of professional service to those you collaborate with as well.

4 Steps to get collaboration started:

  1. Consider what your strengths are and who you have in your network that has complementary strengths to support you
  2. Consider who in your network has relationships with your target customer and how can your services work together
  3. Look to support others in developing their services
  4. Work to become a specialist in your field and share your skills, knowledge and best practice experience as the quickest way to build trust and credibility.

Go on give it a go…… what have you got to lose? These steps will get you started and put you ahead in seeing the benefits it will bring to your success.

Tell us how you get on…. We love to hear your success stories.


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