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Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, in residential, commercial, and self-managed super funds, we’re here to provide support and advice. We take the time to understand your individual needs and circumstances and stay with you along the way.

The right loan and loan structure will mean your money works better for you. However, with a huge variety of investment property loans available, with different rates and features, deciding which type of loan is right for you can be the challenge.

Why Choose Enhanced?

We're independent: that means we're 100% committed to finding the best solution for you. At Enhanced, we have access to a network of multiple lenders, so you can be confident and feel secure with the knowledge that you’re going to get the best possible investment loan.

There are several factors that need consideration so here’s our Which Home Loans Ebook for you to download by clicking here. It is designed to start building your knowledge to understanding some of the fundamentals.

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Our Credit Advisors make it easy for you to secure a loan that suits your budget and needs, and get conditional approval for:

  • Investment in commercial properties such as offices, factories or warehouses
  • A holiday home to lease out
  • A residential property which you plan to rent
  • Finance to grow self-managed super funds
  • Personal finance options

The Enhanced Process

  • Step 1: Understanding your needs
  • Step 2: We work out how much you can borrow to make sure you're that not over committing
  • Step 3: Calculate the required deposit, loan, purchase and/or refinance costs
  • Step 4: Track down the best possible loan options through our extensive network of lenders to make sure you get the right deal
  • Step 5: Finalise the loan so you can purchase the property as quickly as possible
  • Step 6: Ongoing support to ensure your financial wellness

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Last financial year our customers achieved greater results by creating stronger financial structures, improved budgeting strategies and in depth credit advice and analyses.

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