Home Loans

Whether you are already a home owner or just starting out, in residential, we're here to provide support and advice. We take time to understand your individual needs and circumstances and stay with you along the way.

The right loan and loan structure will mean your money works better for you. However, with a huge variety of home loans available, with different rates and features, deciding which type of loan is right for you can be the challenge.


Investment Loans

Is it your dream to own an investment property?

From where to buy, how much to pay, the rental return, how much capital growth you need, and when (or if) to sell, we tie everything into your goals with a view to creating wealth.



With a home or investment loan it's easy to just 'set and forget' However, it is a good idea to review your loan every two to three years. As best practice, at Enhanced, we monitor this for you annually.



As the business owner it is important to consider where the business working capital is best spent, such as paying debtors, advertising, purchasing more inventories, or even investing to achieve a greater rate of return than the interest charges of financing.


Car Finance

Are you looking for a new car for yourself, a family member, or a member of staff?

Are you considering what finance options there are for you?

Car finance gives you access to a range of financial products available that allow people to acquire a car with any arrangement other than a full-cash single lump payment.


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