Leadership: a blessing or a curse?

Our ideas of what are good and bad leadership often stem from our own experience of being lead by others. Some will have had a negative experience in the past, a bad role model of leadership skills is the hardest to overcome in determining what works and doesn’t work for ourselves.

With so much change in the world we frequently look to others to step up and meet the challenge of leadership, when the best place to look is…..in the mirror.

It may require a change of mindset or making an opportunity to learn new skills, however to be successful we need to learn to manage and lead ourselves first, and why do we often feel so inadequate in that role?

Taking responsibility for our own learning and progress is the first step along with not blaming others when things don’t go the way we planned. This should then be quickly followed by taking responsibility for our decisions, and dealing with the consequences.

Life is a learning experience in itself, and sometimes that is the most important lesson.

So how will you fulfil today, as a blessing or a curse?


The curse will be if you make it someone else’s fault,

The blessing is: You get to decide! 


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