Strategies for a happy productive workplace

How did you feel this morning when you woke up and suddenly realised that you had to go to work today? Did you jump out of bed singing or did you actually wake up feeling doom and gloom knowing you had to get through it all again for another day?

The majority of people I meet get up every day to do their best not their worst however how quickly does that feeling go once the behaviours they receive for their efforts leave them feeling undervalued and unappreciated. We are often a reflection of those around us and even the strongest minded people have times of self-doubt based on previous life experiences, often without even realising where it comes from.

It is easy to feel isolated very quickly, especially when we all want to feel we belong, and it can be as simple a thing as believing everyone is in the know, and we aren’t, just through poor communication. This is just one example of how a happy employee can become dysfunctional and unproductive, however, there are many more.

The importance of a people centred company culture will prove the difference when trying to provide excellence in customer service, however, that excellence has to start within the company and workplace.

Everyone who requires a service from you, even at the next desk along, is your customer and should be given the same priority, attention and service, and consequently the opportunity to achieve their goals and have their needs met to achieve that.

Through a shared vision, mission and values that create greater empathy in the workplace, allowing the individuals to achieve on a daily basis in line with those, will develop the ethos of the company and generate a positive, valued, productive workforce.

Start be a simple change of using ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you as part of everyday conversation, role modelled from the top down with sincerity, and also ensure employees know that if they make a mistake they can own it by owning yours and then focussing on the solution rather than becoming overwhelmed by the problem AND trying to cover it up.

These are simple strategies, easy to implement, that will reap positive results. Go on….try one! When you leave your employee today, look them in the eye and say ‘Thank you’ and mean it!!

Now watch the ripples!!


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