Welcome to our October newsletter

Welcome to our October  newsletter

Australia’s housing is slowly emerging from its COVID-19 induced slumber as the spring property market gains momentum. Check out the latest news and insights on the property market.



Where are Australia’s most affordable homes?

Everyone wants a property bargain, right? Well, there’s a big difference between a bargain and a home that’s just cheap. Find out where the real bargains are hiding!



Home loan formal approval process and terminology explained

Whether you’re buying your first or second home, investing in a property or refinancing your home loan, being formally approved by your lender is your green light to buy the property you have your heart set on. Let’s explain how it works.



Easing financial pressures: loan deferrals, refinancing and more

Once a home loan deferral period ends, what’s next? Before making any financial decisions, here are some options to consider in consultation with your mortgage broker or lender.



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