Vaccinate or else - Part Two

Hi Gurus

What a time to be alive! The last week in Victoria has been nothing short of crazy ANNND we have a confession to make to y'all! We have been meaning to write this blog for weeks but its pretty hard to keep up with all the changing advice and developments. But rest assured our team of Gurus has been reading up, attending webinars and getting ourselves acquainted with this new landscape of mandatory vaccinations. The good news is after seeking some legal advice from one of our advisors at Maddocks law we can provide an overview of what is happening out there in the marketplace and also provide some very general guidance about what you should be considering in your approach. The bad news is, no one really knows what the right answer is when it comes to this topic! Its all very unclear and not surprisingly we have been given very little guidance from the government or Fair Work on what you can and can't do!

But alas if you want to get the HR Gurus low down then please check out our latest blog.

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Emily and Jessy


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