What is a business buddy and why is it most cost effective to have them in your business?

A business buddy is an experienced employee who takes the time to support a new employee through their transition into your company.

But… isn’t that employing two people to do the same job?

  • Have you been through a lengthy recruitment process?
  • Did you employ someone with good skills and experience?
  • Are you expecting them to hit the ground running?

Consider when we learnt to drive, it took time to learn, when we had someone next to us all the time, then we practiced to become confident and now we have that as a transferable skill.

However, when we buy a new car, or drive someone else’s we must take time to understand the nuances of that different make and model. We adjust the seat, mirrors, get used to the clutch pick up, what pressure the brakes need, and listen to the great sound of a new engine the first we press the accelerator to the floor to see what that car can do…..

And when we first take it out we park it very carefully, away from busy areas, we check every time we come back to see if there has been a ‘ding’ in the door, and tut at others carelessness…

So why, when we have a new employee do, we sit then at the wobbly desk in the corner and expect them to feel new and special enough to deliver their best work…

Yes, they have great skills, yes, they are being paid a good salary, however, they do not know the nuances of your business, or how hard to hit the brake and accelerator.

As you left the car yard all the car sales showed you where all the new bells and whistles were to get you safely on the road, avoid an accident in your business by giving a newbie an experienced employee to assist in a quick smooth transition into your business and treat them better than you would your new car, because damage to your car can be mended quickly, however, a disgruntled employee can be a negative influence on your business for its life time!!


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