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Home Buying

A foundational asset for all.

Are you considering establishing a real estate portfolio or buying your home?

You might be just starting with your first property, but rest assured we will help you focus on longterm wealth creation. It's at the forefront of every decision we'll help you make when developing a strategy that suits your goals. We help you to look at things that impact your ability to make educated decisions, from where to buy, how much to pay, the rental return, how much capital growth you need, and when (or if) to sell.

However, instead of overloading you with information now, download our free Home Buying Essentials Ebook, obligation free, by clicking here.

From knowing your entitlements, costs, and even a step-by-step guide to buying property, take some time to read through it, obligation free. And no, we don't even require your email address for it!

Property should first and foremost be seen as a vehicle in achieving your goals.

We help find the property that suits you by listening. We guide you through our process, never applying pressure and helping you understand your options to minimise risk and maximise reward. It's an ongoing relationship and journey we take together.

Why choose Enhanced?

Not only are we independent, meaning we're free to do what's best for our clients, but we're also people. That may sound funny, but read Mark and Mal's bios below, and you'll know what we mean. We understand business, but we also understand family, and most importantly, that quality of life is a must for it all to be worthwhile.

With over 30 years of combined experience in finance and property, and eight out of ten clients referring us to people they know, your needs are in the best of hands.​

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