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Money Masterclass

Overall Outcomes

With the Money Masterclass you will gain:

  • Knowledge of the key elements that make up financial wellness
  • An understanding of which behaviours will build financial wellness
  • Look at the influences that will impact your success in achieving this

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Why is Building
Financial Wellness Important?

Financial Wellness underpins freedoms and opportunities. Being told you need to have money to make money is a myth, it is always the right day to start looking at what financial wellness can achieve for your life. Creating the right mindset and knowledge coupled with how to apply that knowledge will deliver your goals.

2 Hour Online

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2 Hour Face to Face

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Our Facilitators

Leah Addison

Associate Facilitator


Jan Morrison

Associate Facilitator

Byron Bay

Lainey Kwok

Associate Facilitator

Sunshine Victoria

What's Included

Great Facilitators

Ongoing Support

Increased Wellness

Secure Future

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What Our Clients Say

Mark, you were very easy to work with and you took the time to sit down with me, provide advice, and find the best option for me. Your proficiency, Calmness and professionalism gave me plenty of confidence on what had been a previously rocky road to getting a loan approved. Ounce again Thanks for everything and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Kaspar Lucattini

Money Workshop has helped me to sort out my current situation and also help me plan my future goals. It is a very supportive program and the staff help you through the entire process without any judgement.

Devarshi Desai

Masters in Commerce and Accounting

Money Workshop has been a valuable experience for me as a young adult. It gave me a picture of how I can achieve financial wellbeing and shows it is possible for everyone to achieve financial freedom, as long as we look at our planning and carry it out. I think I am extremely lucky to be able to understand that at such a young age.

Harry Zhang

Masters in Management Accounting

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